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March 25, 2016

It’s Time to Fly The Skies Like Superman – The Phantom 4 Is Designed To Impress

Ok, well you might not look like Superman, cape and all. Nor will you look as handsome and cutting-edge as Batman. Let’s face it, we’re a few decades behind Batman’s tech. But have you seen all the news about drones lately?

They tend to make the news on a nightly basis.

They are invading privacy, interfering with aircraft, and even get a tad too close to the White House! That probably makes you even more curious to try one out. Most of the drones on the market just look too complicated. Besides, who really ones to put up that much money only to crash you drone on the first day. However, the DJI Phantom 4 drone is looking to change all of that!

Almost Impossible To Crash

One of the most common problems people have had with drones in the past was how easy it was to crash them. All it would take was a treat too high, offense you didn’t see, or some telephone wires in the distance. One crash into any of these obstacles would bring your drone down to the ground. The phantom for uses computer vision to help identify a particular person and follow them. In addition to computer vision, the phantom for offers fully autonomous capabilities. What does this mean for the average consumer? It means that a complete amateur can take the Phantom 4 out-of-the-box and fly it with little danger of crashing it.

Longer Flight Times

In the past, it would seem it was more work to take a drone out to the park and fly it that it was to actually take an airplane down to Florida. Once the drone was charged and set up, it would seem it had such a short battery life.

Most average drones on the market have a battery life of about 5 to 8 minutes.

The Phantom 4 offers a battery life over 25 minutes. In addition, it only takes it about an hour to go from empty to fully charged. Your remote control can be charged at the same time as the battery for even more convenience.

Incredible Sky Views

In the past, if you’re hoping for some spectacular video and photographs, you are likely very disappointed. The Phantom 4 will give you the most beautiful views you could ever expect from a modern day drone. In addition, the Phantom 4, offers a live feed on your mobile device. You can see everything the Phantom sees as well as tap on your mobile device to steer the drone. This is much easier than trying to figure out complicated remote controls! All you need to do is look on your screen and tap and the Phantom will move into location.

If you’ve been holding out on buying a drone you need to look into the Phantom. By simply not being able to crash puts it sky-high above all other drones on the market.

Then, once you adding longer flight times and improved video it makes the Phantom Four a no-brainer.

Just take this drone out of the box and take it to the sky. There has truly been no other drone that was this user-friendly. No get out there and enjoy the wild blue yonder with your Phantom 4!

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